Luis Francisco Pérez >>

LA FORMA FUERTE o contra las leyes de la normalidad (y la apariencia)

Manel Clot  >>

Synonyms, heteronyms and transfusions conquered spaces, sonic emotions, diffuse sentiments

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Xoán Anleo. A Hero of Our Times or, on the Importance of Rubber Balls if One Has a Dog.

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Xoán Anleo and the Production of Style.

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Fragilidad de lo real

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The Inertia of Style in the Latest Videos by Xoán Anleo

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The invention of reality

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Polari, Camp effect, and Xoán Anleo.

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Carta a Xoán Anleo a modo de texto para un catálogo

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Making Pop the Pop Art

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Anleo and the thieves of Montrouge

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Morgen ist kein neuer Tag

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Xoán Anleo: objects and images disputed