Tomorrow is not another day

2003, España / Alemania, DVD, vídeo instalación de cuatro canales, color, sonido, 20’.

Performer: Xoán Anleo, Avi Kaiser. Camera, edition, lighting, sound: Dagmar Séller, Martín Wittwer. Location: Duisburg, Alemania. Production: Stiftung DKM, Duisburg. Premiere: Xoán Anleo. Morgen ist kein neuer tag, Stiftung DKM,  Duisburg, Alemania, 2003.

Colección: Stiftung DKM, Duisburg, Alemania 1/3.

Edition 1/3 a 3/3 + 1 P. A.

The piece investigates movement and human relations and how these are conditioned by the space and its architectural features. It combines elements of performance and explores the possible dynamics evolving out of a set of actions, which are neither the consequence of an earlier action nor the cause of a subsequent one.

Morgen ist kein neuer tag is a synchronized four-screen video installation and was filmed in an industrial space for Stiftung DKM Project Space in Duisburg, Germany. The dancer Avi Kaiser moves across each screen as if they were windows onto a succession of encounters and near-misses with another (played by myself). The scene shifts from one space to another revealing, transforming and mobilising different stages in the relationship between the two characters: tension, separation, camaraderie, mutual help. The context of the dance is the shared relations between two people in a situation of confrontation. There is no beginning or end, the viewer can engage with or leave the loop at any moment.