2005, DVD, color, sound, 1’ 54’’.

Performer: José Perozo, Pablito Trasno. Camera  and steadycam: Emi Atrio. Edition: José Táboas. Lighting: Juliana González and Emi Atrio. Prodution: Juliana González, Xocas López, Alfredo Rodríguez. Location: Santiago de Compostela. Premiere: Os homes só contan ata tres, Centro Dramático Galego, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

This piece sets up a direct relation between the individual and a set of objects. Everyday artefacts come to life and spin in the palm of the hand for the simple pleasure of spinning. Weaving a web of impulses or urges, they suggest a succession of attempts at interaction. The duality of inert objects and a living being possesses sensual connotations – a game of seduction which, moving beyond the tangible, suggests man’s struggle for control over his environment.