Networks of suspicion (Preamble)

2004, DVD, animation, color, sound, 3’.

Animation: Alfonso da Silva López. Layout: Nieves Lago Garrido, Marta Andrade Fernández. Story board: Nieves lago Garrido, Marta Andrade Fernández, Alicia Hermida García. Script: Nieves Lago Garrido, María Domínguez. Music: Xoán Anleo. Music production: Teemu Raudaskoski. Premiere: Arte i ensaio, Vigo, 2005.

The world of rock music has often been host to sexist attitudes. This finds its maximum manifestation in the electric guitar as a fetishist icon of the male genitals. The player places the main body of the guitar over the genitals, stressing the way it is strummed and stretching towards the neck as if it were an erect penis, reaching towards the headstock as if it were the penis tip.

This soberly made animation tells the tale of two guitars which, after various encounters and insinuating dialogues, end up forming a sexual partnership.