Facing one way and another

2005, DVD, color, sonido, 16’ 22’’.

Performer: Olga Cameselle. Camera: Xoán Anleo. Edition: Roberto Martín Gálvez.  Colaboration: Francisco Soto, Quique Lourido.. Localitation: Vigo. Premier: Canal Mono v/s Loop Festival / 3SCOLT4, Dance Against Visuals, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, 2005.

The pulse of the body in movement, a rhythmic cadence; a process of confrontation between self and place, the industrial architecture of the city’s docklands. The architecture of freight containers, spatial limits, an image of past/present.

Dance: spontaneous sequences, form, gesture, rhythm, playfulness, surprise. Incorporating the unforeseen as part of the choreography.

Immersion in the here and now. The materiality of metal, asphalt, stone, cement. Verticality, depth, perspective. A sense of place, identified through sound and smell. Constant stimuli become impulse. At times emotion proceeds from equilibrium, at others it is the physical relation to the space, the struggle to engage with it, to add to it, to fuse with it.