Stigma of fire. (Closing the circle)

2005, DVD, vídeo instalation, color, sound, 2’ 06’’

Performer: Pablito Trasno. Camera  and steadycam: Emi Atrio. Edition: José Táboas. Lighting: Juliana González, Emi Atrio. Production: Juliana González, Xocas López, Alfredo Rodríguez. Location: Santiago de Compostela. Premiere: Os homes só contan ata tres, Centro Dramático Galego, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

Firelight traces circular movements in space. At the centre of the image, a figure becomes the axis of a spiral, sweeping arms trace centrifugal movements, speed up and fuse into the images generated.

The reciprocal relationship between the flames and the protagonist distils feeling and suggests the conflict between pleasure and pain: whilst he apparently derives pleasure from the shapes emerging from the flames, this also involves exposing himself to the heat of fire from which he needs to keep a distance. This causes a tension which the viewer is unable to modify as well as attraction to the configurations of light the figure projects. This is the beauty of danger, rhythm, speed and domination, in a passionless and chilling game.