2006, DVD, color, sound, 3’ 40’’.

Performer: David Ferrán, Ángel García. Assistant diretion: Enrique Lourido, Camera: Xoán Anleo, David Ferrán, Enrique Lourido. Edition: Roberto Martín Gálvez. Location: Madrid. Collaboration:

Diverse urban spaces, abandoned hangars, a railway station, marginal places, mostly uninhabited and reclaimed by nature, accommodate a reality, invisible to the guardians of the dominant morality, though no less real for that. For us, they offer an opportunity for visibility and encounter.

A review of such spaces, of urban architecture and its uses, which include the construction and representation of individuals in a relation to the terrain. The audience acts as witness to a meeting between two men, one which is subject to a transgressive set of codes and signals, compelling us to question notions of public and private and the city as personal/political space.

Irony and transgression underpin this kind of sexual conduct, which offers an opportunity to inhabit another city, making it a place of visibility and gender diversity.