2005, DVD, color, silent, 1’ 40’’

Performer: Antonio Salgado. Camera  and steadycam: Emi Atrio. Edition: José Táboas. Lighting: Juliana González, Emi Atrio. Production: Juliana González, Xocas López, Alfredo Rodríguez. Location: Santiago de Compostela. Premiere: Os homes só contan ata tres, Centro Dramático Galego, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

Every drop of blood spilt contains an enigma. Images of a flow of blood projected over a body establishes a clear contrast, the surface of blood-soaked skin operates as a metaphor for the insoluble fact of mortality.

Hands move over parts of the body, their fascination is transcendental, allowing an explicit exploration of its geography whilst maintaining a certain distance. Blood acts as a point of departure for representing the passing of time. The interpretation of a disconcerting situation leads to a contemplation of real existence and the passage from life to death.