What is yours, what is mine.

2003, España / Alemania, DVD, color, sonido, 11’ 22’’.

Performer: Xoán Anleo, Avi Kaiser. Camera, edition, lighting, sound: Dagmar Séller, Martín Wittwer. Location: Duisburg, Alemania. Production: Stiftung DKM, Duisburg. Premiere: What is the price of love?, Coro da Igrexa da Universidade, Santiago de Compostela, 2003.

This piece uses the same dancers as the previous video in a single screen work. It places less emphasis on space, instead focussing on the affection felt between two people.

The camera films two struggling figures following their struggle to tear each others clothes off, exposing the psychological tension which grips them and which binds them together.

The implied separation suggested by the title (What is yours, what is mine) refers to what we leave off being when we enter an amorous relationship and what we learn to become. And when it is over: What is left of the other? What have we given of ourselves?

In this piece, one of the most poetic, I explore the more psychological, emotional and definitively human sides of my work, without involving the social aspect.