Metaphor for seventeen hits

A new videodance series made with the dancer and choreographer Olga Camaselle. Metáfora para diecisiete golpes is structured through the body fragmented into words, movements, momentary events. All these marks are contained in the body, a reference to the Lacanian concept that language is a tool of the erogenous body.

Unconscious bodily impulses generate a language not devoid of sexuality, which becomes a presence in the body though the genesis of movements.

Dance has always provided a site for the definition of the feminine, a premeditated space for the representation of the body. In the rare cases that she escapes subjection to a passive role, social stratification and the male gaze, a woman’s body as a sexual object can be sublime.

The video is more than the simple trace of a subject who dances. It assumes a new itinerary, operating as a reformulation of the dancer’s identity. What is made visible is the result of the dancing body’s action, of movement, realisation. A process which transforms what is registered into a process of memory. An experience that lives on in the images that make up the piece and which goes on to interact with the viewer’s experience.

Sometimes sound is the main protagonist, the trigger of the materialisation of the moment. At other times the sound-space is the main structure. At others the physical-emotional states. Nothing that takes place in this work is completely predetermined.

Metáfora para diecisiete golpes is linked to the politics of questioning and rearticulating gender, through images of a new body-space relation. Through the camera-dance interface I explore the complexity of body language, its identification, outlining a space in which the social construction of femininity might be questioned and female sexuality reclaimed.