Chance toys with destiny

2005, DVD, color, silent, 54’’

Camera  and steadycam: Emi Atrio. Edition: José Táboas. Lighting: Juliana González, Emi Atrio. Production: Juliana González, Xocas López, Alfredo Rodríguez. Location: Santiago de Compostela. Premiere: Os homes só contan ata tres, Centro Dramático Galego, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

In any attempt to disrupt an order there is a chance of success. The variability of rates of chance are both foreseeable and unforeseeable. However unlikely it may seem, a change will always take place, a small shift in existence, a new destiny. Whether subtle or abrupt, a new opportunity presents itself, causing a shift of equilibrium. The secret desire for new experience implicitly involves complex calculations. Each outcome inevitably implies an escape, a new sequence, a system which is at once open-ended and irreversible.

A new condition must be assimilated before a new departure is possible. The process is subject to hidden rules established a priori, a circumstance that can only mean one thing: that destiny is a game of chance.