2007, DVD, color, sound, 11’ 32’’.

Choreography and performer: Chevi Muraday. Music: Xoán Anleo. Camera: David Hernández, Xoán Anleo. Edition: Roberto Martín Gálvez, Metrocurt. Photo: Quique Lourido, Jorge Quintana. Production: Cristina Cameselle. Location: Vigo. Colabora: Museo do Mar de Galicia, Vigo. Premier:  3 de July 2008, A través de la cámara, Galería Ad Hoc, Vigo.

An actor is shown dressed in a standard black suit, bare-footed, standing on a metal surface in a place that looks like a glass tunnel. This is an undefined space with a claustrophobic atmosphere. In passing from one space to another bridges are created across a void.

The piece is structured in three acts during which the man’s clothing is removed, as a metaphor for a loss of identity. Body movements evolve to construct a story in an unrestricted choreography, marking the coming and going of the actor who reopens the space, transforms it and establishes a new relation to it. An intuitive reaction to an experience of alienation and non-communication.

As time passes we witness the loss of memory, a fracturing of identity and the traces of alienation. In this way, the piece deals with human fragility.