Everything within

2005, DVD, color, sound, 7´13´´.

Performer: José Miguel Sagüillo Arbones. Camera and lighting: Cristian  Grandín Carvajal. Edition: Roberto Martín Gálvez, Hangar. Location: Vigo. Premiere: Xoán Anleo. Todo lo que hay dentro, Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid, 2005.

The home again. The chosen space at any opportunity. The home as a reflection of oneself, our interior space, a big ME which enfolds. And here, in this room, a person comes and goes, looks, watches, paces, closes a door, returns again and again to the same spot and to the same feelings. Action, although aimless, offers the only path towards discovery; this is an unconscious search. It involves observation. It will bring results.

This piece stands in a relation to Sin preguntas con respuesta and to an earlier poem Reacciona. These are works that invite us to avoid the question why, to focus on the immediate, to react to the here and now.