Paisajes para el olvido (Cambio de rumbo)]

Landscapes in oblivion

2006, Espain / Argentina, DVD, color, sound, 3’ 30’’.

Camera: Xoán Anleo. Edition: Manu Paz. Colaboration: Juan Dávila. Location: La Patagonia, Argentina. Premiere: DFOTO, San Sebastián 2007.

Catálogo de HAMACA. media & video art distribution from Spain, Barcelona.

Mass tourism. A continuous clicking of cameras, cameras incorporated into mobile phones, the ubiquitous camcorder; these feed tourist obsessions, recording everything that passes before their eyes. Is this a response to the new and different or just a souvenir of the trip?

Hundreds of people crowd into one or another spot, crammed into cramped spaces to capture whatever image the tour guide dictates in an attempt to retain the time and place that has been so fleetingly visited. The development of digital technologies has accelerated this process, multiplying images towards infinity, a neurotic and constant clicking and whirring, a compulsion leading to a saturation of new images. One is no longer enough.